We provide a comprehensive building design and plan drawing service from a ‘mud map sketch’ right through to ‘full council approved plans.’ This service includes:

  • Detailed on-site analysis for all building projects (large or small)
  • Detailed design for all ‘disabled access’ issues both commercial and residential
  • CAD plans for both 'Development Applications' and 'Construction Certificates' including :
    • All council documentation including lodgement of plans/applications 
    • 'Basix' certificates
    • ‘Bushfire risk assessments’
    • Statement of environmental effects
    • Liaison with sub-consultants, including structural and civil engineers, surveyors, specialist building code and geotechnical analysts, hydraulic and landscaping designers, private certifiers etc.
    • Liaison/Negotiation/Follow Up with council as part of the ‘DA/CC’ process.

We are a ‘Chartered’ member of the Building Designers Association of NSW (#163-93), with an accreditation classification of 'low rise' (#611E) (Building Consultants Accreditation Pty Ltd).